Media Assistance

Media Assistance

As the energy industry continues to evolve, Southern Company is committed to remaining and industry leader sharing trustworthy news, innovative ideas and providing transparent communication. We welcome you to the conversation and encourage you to participate with us.

Missions Statement

At Southern Company, we fully embrace and value communication with our customers, employees, vendors, partners and the media. Honesty, respect, fairness and integrity guide our communication values. We will respond promptly and truthfully as we continue to build the future of energy and deliver the right energy solutions our customers and communities need to drive growth and prosperity.



If you are a reporter or another member of the press, you may use the number below for any news inquiries or requests. If you are not a member of the press, we respectfully request you use the contact information listed under "General."

Call us at 404-506-5533 or toll free at 866-506-5333



If you are a customer, employee, investor, or other visitor, you may contact us at 404-506-5000.



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