Forging ahead on a strong foundation
As we build the future of energy, we honor the history of hard work and achievements that laid the groundwork for our success today. We have two books that speak to our strong foundation: Innovative Solutions reflects on our research and development programs over the years and Big Bets tells the extraordinary tales of our company’s leaders—those who defended their dreams for the good of all.

Innovative Solutions: A history of R&D at Southern Company

Our history of innovation begins in 1969, when Alvin Vogtle tapped former Manhattan Project scientist Bill Harrison to build a research and development program. Through the decades, Southern Company has delivered clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy through industry-breaking innovations. Today, we’re the only U.S. electric utility focusing on robust R&D that will solve energy challenges for years to come. For the full story, download a copy of the book here.

Big Bets: Decisions and Leaders that Shaped Southern Company

Every success story includes overcoming challenges. In the case of Southern Company, our story includes: natural and manmade disasters, a hostile takeover and financial ruin. Our business has withstood numerous threats of being pulled apart, but we’ve always thrived through tumultuous times. Big Bets traces the remarkable story of our leaders—their dreams, tribulations and triumphs in empowering the American South. For the full story, download a copy of the book here.

Becoming Southern