Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at Southern Company

Working toward a brighter future together



“Bigger than our bottom line”

When it comes to the role we play in our communities, it’s clear that our mission is about more than our bottom line. We’re deeply rooted in the neighborhoods we serve, because for us, every day is an opportunity to better the lives of families and their businesses. 

At the local level, we’re dedicated to bringing customers the most reliability with the best price and service. We keep true to this promise through emergencies and natural disasters, and we keep true by building toward a brighter future for all. 

We’re proud to do our part in supporting the communities we serve. You'll find us at neighborhood events and our foundations support and give back to local charities. We’re also committed to more sustainable practices across our organization, and we partner with various organizations to protect wildlife and their natural habitats. 

This commitment to sustainability extends to our personal initiative of providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy across the country. That’s what we work toward everyday: building the future of energy to encourage growth and prosperity everywhere we work. It’s a big mission, and it’s important that we see it through, together. 


Southern Company fosters collaborative partnerships to conserve habitat, protect wildlife, educate children, provide recreation, remove trash, develop communities and accomplish other services. 
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