Many businesses are larger, some have more customers, but few touch as many lives as we do.

We are fortunate for the opportunities this affords us to be a good citizen in the communities we serve - whether that community is an ecosystem or economy, a workplace or a hometown.


We foster collaborative partnerships to conserve habitat, protect wildlife, educate children, provide recreation, remove trash, develop communities and accomplish other services. We also provide leadership and expertise at local meetings, through speaking engagements, research support, safety education and board service, and provide a helping hand for other volunteer activities. We work at all levels from the grass roots in field offices and power plants up through corporate channels at each of our subsidiaries and headquarters to support communities and ecologies within our service territory.

We manage three major conservation programs in partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to address our top stewardship challenge of conserving and protecting wildlife and habitat native to the Southeast:

We have invested $18.2 million from 2003 to 2018 to fund imperiled longleaf pine restoration, bird conservation and community-based wetland restoration in support of these three programs. Nearly $13 million of this investment - when combined with partner and grantee-matching contributions - has already resulted in an on-the-ground conservation impact of nearly $114 million, which has translated to more than 1.5 million acres of critical habitat restored and enhanced.