• America's Premier Wholesale Energy Partner

    Southern Power builds the future of energy by investing in clean energy solutions for the customers we serve. A subsidiary of Southern Company, we are a leading U.S. wholesale energy provider meeting the electricity needs of municipalities, electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities and other energy customers.
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Solar power generation has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity.

1,700MW | 27 Facilities
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Wind power is a commercially proven, rapidly growing form of generation that provides clean, renewable and cost-effective electricity.

1,440MW | 8 Facilities

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The Making of Cactus Flats


​Biomass generation uses wood waste to create clean, efficient, renewable energy.

115MW | 1 Facility


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Natural Gas

Natural gas generation uses one of America's most abundant resources to produce safe, reliable and clean energy.

9,300MW | 10 Facilities

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